Do I Need A Water Softener_

Do I Need A Water Softener?

The choice for a water softener is often a personal one, and you can get one simply for personal preference. However, water softeners do much more than just make your water taste a certain way. A water softener may be necessary according to your location, climate, and water source.

Do you need a water softener? A water softener might help your pipes, appliances, hair and skin, and more. Today we’re helping you determine if you need a water softener.

Signs You Need A Water Softener

  1. Itchy, Dry Skin. Many people chalk this up to their climate or skin type, which may also be factors. But consistently dry and itchy skin can also be an effect of hard water. Switching to a water softener may help your skin to feel softer and more hydrated. Many users report softer, less frizzy hair as another benefit.
  2. Faded, Rough Texture on Laundry. Have you noticed your whites looking dingy? Do your sheets and blankets feel a little rough to the touch? It could be due to mineral buildup in the materials from your hard water. Water softeners can help your laundry get cleaner and softer.
  3. Hard Water Stains & Buildup. You probably already know that hard water can leave deposits and stains. You may find them around your faucets and fixtures. But are you consistently seeing stains and rings in your tubs and sinks? Hard water can leave serious stains along your surfaces that are also damaging to the porcelain or laminate. A water softener can ease that.
  4. Plumbing & Water Expenses. Hard water is much more wearing on your pipes and fixtures. So if your water bill is growing higher and your pipes are needing consistent plumbing work, then the price of a water softener can be much smaller and pre-emptive than years of plumbing and water bills.
  5. Glass Problems. Are your glasses showing hard water stains, dullness, or breaking easily? It’s probably your hard water making life difficult. Adding some vinegar to your dishwasher can help, but the only permanent fix is to purchase a water softener.

If you are experiencing more than two of these issues, we’d recommend purchasing a water softener as soon as possible to protect your appliances and property, as well as to prevent expensive future maintenance. It may seem expensive or like a hassle, but it’s a great way to increase comfort and quality of life for your home and your future.

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