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The 3 Ways To Prolong The Life of Your Water Heater

3 Ways To Prolong The Life of Your Water Heater

The water heater is an unseen but important force in your home. You can go years without thinking about it, but as soon as it encounters problems it can wreak havoc on your routine.

Water heaters are usually a big expense, so it’s critical that you take great care of your water heater to increase it’s longevity and reduce the likelihood of damage or repair.

Today we are sharing our top 3 ways to prolong the life of your water heater for greater success.

  1. Replace your anode rod every 2-5 years.
  2. Flush the Tank. Flush the tank through the drain valve near the bottom of the tank, watching carefully to be sure all the accumulated sediment is clearing out of the tank. Once you are sure the water flow is clear, you can stop. But be careful – the water is hot!(If you are able to do this process once a year, or even twice a year if possible, you can greatly increase the life of your water heater, and help your water heater run more efficiently. As you perform this checkup, look for leakage, rust, or any other indications that something might be wrong with your water heater).
  3. Drop Temperature. Many water heaters are automatically set at 140 degrees Farenheit, while this is acceptable and works for a variety of reasons, it can also scald water users, and puts more strain on your water heater. If you can drop the temperature to 120 degrees you make life much easier for your water heater, prolonging its life and decreasing the risk of damage or replacement.

Half of the battle is catching the issue early, with plenty of time to repair or replace before you’re stuck with cold water, a flood, or a huge bill.

If you need help with your water heater, you’re due for a new one, or simply have questions about water heater maintenance – call us at Low Price Water Heaters today!

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