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5 Signs its Time to Replace Your Water Heater

If you’ve ever had a water heater fail on you, you know just how miserable it can be. It can completely disrupt everyday life, and leave you with a broken schedule, a giant mess, and a huge receipt for a new water heater. This is why we urge homeowners to regularly take the time to look for signs of water heater failure – it’s so much better to notice the foreboding omens of water heater trouble and repair or replace early, than to find yourself with a dead water heater and one massive headache. Is your water heater in good shape? Check out our 5 common signs you need to replace your Water Heater to spot the problem before it gets too bad!

1.    Cold/Lukewarm Water. This is one of the most noticeable, and one that’s hard to ignore. You jump in expecting a hot and relaxing shower, only to find that the hot water just can’t get there. If your showers and baths are lukewarm at best – it’s definitely time to find out why your water heater isn’t doing it’s job.
2.    Leaks & Pooling. When was the last time you actually LOOKED at your water heater? You probably should check it out. Especially look around the base of your water heater and the connections. If there is leakage or pooling then you’re lucky to catch it now before a massive leak!
3.    Noise.  We often get calls asking about loud sounds from a water heater. A healthy water heater should not make much noise besides flow of water and the sound of your gas burner working. If you’re hearing banging, clanging, and rumbling it means there is residue and sediment in your tank. That’s not good! Some people say you can flush it out, but it is not recomended to flush it unless you have regularly been flushing it every six months to one year. If it has been over one year and you try to flush your water heater then you may end up with a worse noise then ever(My Water Heater is Leaking!) Before this happens you may want to have your water heater replaced.
4.    Rust & Corrosion. While you’re looking for leaks, take a minute to check for rust around the top and bottom of your water heater, T & P valve, expansion tank, and connection spots. Rust or deterioration means your tank is struggling and could bust a hole anytime.
5.    Discoloration. If you notice rusty water, or discoloration in your hot water, it’s a clear indication that there’s rust building in your water heater. Again, it’s a ticking time bomb for a leak or massive failure.

If you’re noticing even one of these signs it’s a good idea to call in a water heater expert to examine and repair your water heater before the worst happens. If you’re experiencing a few of these signs you may find yourself in need of an entirely new water heater. At least you caught it before disaster occurred – and if you call Low Price Water Heaters you will find yourself with a new working water heater for much less than you’d expect. Call us today!

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