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Cold Weather Problems For Your Water Heater

Cold Weather Problems For Your Water Heater

As the cold weather arrives, you may start to notice some issues with your hot water supply. Noticing these issues early and getting help is critical, and can mean the difference between a simple fix and an expensive replacement.

Today we’re sharing a few of the ways cold weather can effect your water heater, and how you can keep your water warm and toasty when you need it on a frigid winter's day.

Cold Weather Problems for Your Water Heater

  1. Spike in Utilities. It’s not uncommon to pay more for your utilities during the winter months. However, it may be helpful to see just how much more you’re paying compared to last year. The bills shouldn’t rise too much, and a huge spike could be an indication of your appliances working too hard to keep your home and water warm. If you water heater is working extra hard to keep your water warm, you may have an issue with insulation. Keeping your water heater better insulated makes a huge difference in function as well as utility bills.
  2. Hot Water Supply. You may notice that your hot water is running out faster. It may be because the water coming into your tank is colder than during other months of the year. You may consider adjusting your tank’s water heater temperature to be a degree or two warmer. Try it and see if your water doesn’t stay hot longer, affording you the comforting showers or baths you need.
  3. Hot Water Wait. Another issue is having to wait a long time for your water to warm up if you have a tankless water heater. Now that your water, pipes, and home in general is colder than usual, it takes more work and time to get that water hot. Again, this could be helped with some insulation around your water heater and pipes. Talk to a contractor or a water heater specialist to see if some insulation could make a difference for your home and water supply.

It’s a great time of the year to do some quick maintenance on your water heater. Be sure it isn’t leaking, “knocking,” or showing signs of rust. As soon as you notice any of these cold weather issues, call Low Price Water Heaters.

We can help you find easy solutions or affordable replacements to any water heater problems you are encountering – because during these upcoming cold months of winter you deserve a nice warm shower.

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