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Things To Consider When Buying a Water Heater

A water heater is a big and fairly expensive purchase that affects your entire home and everyone in it. Water heaters are easy to forget about – until they break. Then suddenly you have to spend time looking at all the different options of water heaters and the various features for your home. It’s important to be informed about such a big purchase, as well as sweeping away any fear or ignorance that could rush a bad decision. We’re here to help you understand all the factors that go into purchasing a water heater.


The very first thing to check is the warranty on your existing water heater. Repair or replacement might be covered. If it isn’t, try to figure out how old the water heater is so that you can be sure to purchase a new one with at least that long of a warranty just in case.


Did you know that there are many different sizes of water heaters? It will depend on the number of people living in your home and how much water you use. For 1-3 people, most recommend a 40 gallon tank. You’d go up to 50 gallons if you have 3-5 people living in your home, and then a high recovery or 75 gallon tank if you have more people than that. But first you better check piping and exhaust capability before upgrading your tank size!

Energy Source

Is your tank powered by gas? If so, is it natural gas or propane? If you want to switch to gas or switch to electric, depending on what you already have, you could experience greater costs and hassle. You’ll need to know what you’re working with and the pros and cons of gas vs. electric if you think you might want to upgrade or change your existing water heater.


Are you concerned with being energy efficient or green? Most water heaters will share their EF (Energy Factor) rating that will communicate how energy efficient or green they operate. You may also want to consider a tankless water heater, if the cost to change and upgrade isn’t too much for your current budget. You may be able to save on your energy bills each month and feel better about a water heater that wastes far less energy.

Ask a Pro

There are so many factors to water heaters, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. At Low Price Water Heaters we’re ready to answer any question you might have to help you choose the best option for your Utah home or business.

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