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Tips For The Perfect Winter Warm Bath

Tips For The Perfect Winter Warm Bath

There is no better season to take a healing, relaxing bath than the upcoming winter. After a long day of work, commuting in the dark, shoveling a blanket of snow from your driveway, building a snowman with your kids, standing at a frozen bus stop, or any other dreary and freezing activities of the winter months. You finally reach home chilled to the bone and ready to relax and replenish. The perfect solution is a calming warm bath.

You don’t need a glamorous tub or jacuzzi to enjoy a bath, and we have a few tips to turn you into a happy bather this season!

Tips for the Perfect Winter Warm Bath

  1. Fill With Warm (Not Hot) Bath Water. A quick way to ruin your bath is to fill it with water that is too hot for comfortable sitting or lying. Stick your forearm under the running water and turn the temperature to the warmest you can comfortably stand on your skin.
  2. Close the Door. Trapping the steam and heat makes for a skin-softening and pore-opening cocoon. It’s especially helpful for your respiratory system during the cold and flu season, helping you breathe and open up airways in a gentle way.
  3. Candles. Safely lighting a scented candle for the edge of the bath or your bathroom counter can not only produce a spa-like smell, but also provide the ambient light to help you relax. Calming or sleep blends of aromatherapy can help both your mind and body relax.
  4. Relaxing Entertainment. Some people like to play a light and soothing playlist during their soak. Try a playlist of classical music or easy jazz, or maybe a playlist of your favorite throwback songs will put you in a relaxed and happy mood. Others like to read (carefully) in the bath or listen to an audiobook or podcast while they unwind.
  5. Bath Salts. If you experience aches and pains due to your job, exercise, or injury, then Epsom salts can be your new best friend. There are many blends, so find one exactly to your liking for pain relieving and aromatherapy.

But to take one of these peaceful and healing baths this season it’s essential that your water heater is operating at full capacity. Can you fill up an entire bathtub with hot water? Does it take forever for another member to have hot water for a shower? If you suspect that your water heater is operating below full capacity or could be experiencing problems, maybe it’s time for a tune up. Call Low Price Water Heaters for a check or replacement.

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