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Water Softeners Do You Need One?

In Utah we have notoriously hard water. “Hard Water” means that we have extra calcium and magnesium in our water. If you’ve ever lived somewhere with soft water you may be able to tell instantly the difference. Hard water and soft water actually have a variety of setbacks and benefits, and you may have strong opinions one way or another. Or maybe you haven’t fully understood the difference between hard and soft water, and you are considering buying a water softener? Either way we are here to answer all your questions about hard vs. soft water, and the need for a water softener.

Benefits of Hard Water
If you’ve ever taken a long drink of water right out of the tap you can probably instantly tell the difference between hard water and soft water. Hard water tastes noticeably better than soft water. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium, which are actually good for our consumption. Hard water is also lower in sodium, which can be good for people with heart conditions and other low sodium needs. Finally, hard water is what you probably already have in your Utah home or business and you don’t have to do anything to fix or change it if you don’t want to.

Benefits of Soft Water
Soft water does not have the calcium and magnesium deposits, which means your dishes will be much cleaner with less effort. You won’t have the spotting on your glasses or dishes, and you’ll notice less buildup in your dishwasher and washing machine (and in your water heater if you’ve ever looked). Soft water is much easier on your clothing, and preserves fabrics and colors much better. The same goes for skin and hair – if you’ve had itchy and dry skin or dull hair, then switching to soft water can make your skin and hair more soft and hydrated. Overall it’s easier for soaps to lather and clean with soft water than with hard.

So what do I do?
If you have weighed the benefits and think you’d be better off with a water softener, that’s an easy fix! Some people add water softeners just to their dishwashers or washing machines. Some add an entire water softening system to their whole house. It’s really up to you and your needs. There are affordable water softener options for every home and budget. At Low Price Water Heaters we can help you assess your needs and provide water softener options that will leave you feeling ready to make the best decision for your home or business. Call us today!


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